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INR CHF - Currency Exchange From Indian Rupee To Swiss Franc With INR CHF Rate,.

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Currency: Swiss Franc: FXY:. Fund Name. 1 Month. 3 Month. 1 Year.

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World Currencies Country Currency Symbol Sub-divisions Afghanistan Afghani Af 100 puls Albania Lek L 100 qindarka (or quinta.

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Escudo and the French Franc replaced decimals with the currency.

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The current emblem of France has been a symbol of France since 1953,.

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Web Site: Swiss Mint: Denominations: Banknotes: 10 francs, 20 francs, 50 francs, 100 francs, 200 francs and 1000.Symbol Last Price Change % Change; DRNK. DRNK. IHSI. IHSI. SLNN. SLNN. FLSR. FLSR. BAC. BAC. Top ETFs. Currency converter displays Market Rates and is not...

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What is the symbol for the money in France?

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The franc is the name of several currency units. The French franc symbol was an F with a line through it or,.

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COUNTRY CURRENCY NAME SYMBOL Albania, Leke ALL Lek America (United States of America), Dollars USD.

ISO 4217 currency symbol. Albania. Albanian Lek. Swiss Franc. CHF. Syria. Syrian Pound.

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Test your Web browser and fonts for the ability to display the Unicode Currency Symbols.

The official currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF).Currency symbol for kids. franc, ruble, euro, rupee, real, yen,.

What is the name of the symbol of France?

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The currency name of LIECHTENSTEIN, SWITZERLAND is the Swiss Franc. and the currency symbol is CHF.The franc is the currency of both Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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Name: Swiss Franc Symbol: CHF Rappen (German), centime (French), centesimo.