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Dasavathaaram (2008), a Tamil disaster film which culminates with 2004 tsunami.Officials estimated that billions of dollars would be needed.Boxing Day is a holiday, usually celebrated the day after Christmas.Boxing Day er en fridag i Storbritannien, Australien, Canada, Ghana, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Jamaica og lande i Commonwealth of Nations med en overvejende.This is a brief investigation into the history of Boxing Day.

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Smith Dharmasaroja, a meteorologist who predicted the tsunami before it hit, was assigned the development of the Thai tsunami warning system.The United Nations estimated at the outset that the relief operation would be the costliest in human history.

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Many amateur videos recorded by tourists and locals of the tsunami at Thailand were televised popularly in the media.Locations of initial earthquake and all aftershocks measuring greater than 4.0 from 26 December 2004 to 10 January 2005.Specifically, the Andaman Islands were moderately affected while the island of Little Andaman and the Nicobar Islands were severely affected by the tsunami.

The megathrust earthquake was unusually large in geographical and geological extent.Thus, the state of Kerala was hit by the tsunami despite being on the western coast of India, and the western coast of Sri Lanka suffered substantial impacts.

Both the earthquake and the tsunami may have affected shipping in the Malacca Straits, which separate Malaysia and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, by changing the depth of the seabed and by disturbing navigational buoys and old shipwrecks.The highest death toll was in Xaafuun, also known as Hafun, with 19 bodies and 160 people presumed missing out of its 5000 inhabitants, which amounts to the highest number of casualties in a single African town and the largest tsunami death toll in a single town to the west of the Indian subcontinent.A two story house damaged by the tsunami showing the tsunami inundation height in downtown Banda Aceh.

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Another factor is that some coasts of Taninthayi Division was protected by offshore islands of the Myeik Archipelago.

The north bay of Phi Phi Don Island opens to the northwest, thus it faced in the direction that the tsunami came from.Holiday Schedule - Scotia iTRADE Investor Information Centre.The last major tsunami was caused by the Krakatoa eruption of 1883.The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake occurred at 00:58:53 UTC on 26 December with the epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.The main concern of humanitarian and government agencies was to provide sanitation facilities and fresh drinking water to contain the spread of diseases such as cholera, diphtheria, dysentery, typhoid and hepatitis A and B.The Indian Plate is part of the great Indo-Australian Plate, which underlies the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, and is drifting north-east at an average of 6 centimetres per year (2.4 inches per year).

The significantly lower tsunami impact on the Maldives compared to Sri Lanka is largely due to the topography and bathymetry of the atoll chain with offshore coral reefs, deep channels separating individual atolls and its arrival within low tide which decreased the power of the tsunami.Each of these megathrust earthquakes also spawned tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean.According to Tad Murty, vice-president of the Tsunami Society, the total energy of the tsunami waves was equivalent to about five megatons of TNT (20.The area toward the sea was wiped clean of nearly every structure, while closer to the river—dense construction in a commercial district showed the effects of severe flooding.Naked Science: Tsunami Warning (2009), an episode of an American documentary television series that premiered in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel with the episode dedicated to the events of 26 December 2004 and implications of a worldwide tsunami warning system.

It originated in the United Kingdom, and is celebrated in a number of countries that.According to specialists, the main effect is being caused by poisoning of the freshwater supplies and of the soil by saltwater infiltration and a deposit of a salt layer over arable land.The 71 casualties can be attributed to poor housing infrastructure and additionally, the fact that the coastal residents in the surveyed areas live on flat land along the coast, especially in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta, and that there is no higher ground to evacuate.

Tsunami: The Aftermath (2006), a two-part television miniseries about its after-effects.But Boxing Day is its cooler, slightly chubbier younger sibling. 1. Leftovers. 9 Reasons Why Boxing Day Is Actually Better Than Christmas Day. share on: 172.A missioner in Ranong, a town on the border between Thailand and Myanmar, says locals talk about 600 victims.

London: Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team, Institution of Structural Engineers.In recent years the fishery industry has emerged as a dynamic export-oriented sector, generating substantial foreign exchange earnings.

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Soccer on Boxing Day is a long-held English tradition whereby league matches are played on December 26th.Although the extreme western edge of the Ring of Fire extends into the Indian Ocean (the point where the earthquake struck), no warning system exists in that ocean.Then- UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan stated that reconstruction would probably take between five and ten years.The level of damage to the economy resulting from the tsunami depends on the scale examined.A pie chart comparing the seismic moment release for the largest earthquakes from 1906 to 2005 compared to all other earthquakes for the same period.

The slip did not happen instantaneously but took place in two phases over a period of several minutes.Since the media coverage of the event was so extensive, many tourists cancelled vacations and trips to that part of the world, even though their travel destinations may not have been affected.In August 2006, fifteen local aid staff working on post-tsunami rebuilding were found executed in northeast Sri Lanka after heavy fighting, the main umbrella body for aid agencies in the country said.

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Before 2004, the tsunami created in both Indian and Pacific Ocean waters by the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, thought to have resulted in anywhere from 36,000 to 120,000 deaths, had probably been the deadliest in the region.Boxing Day From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Boxing day) Jump to: navigation, search Boxing Day Observed by Commonwealth countries.When boxing arena is in square shape then why do we call it a boxing ring.Coastal villages were completely destroyed by the tsunami waves.On every December 26th, lot of people go out and shopping because many stores will sell their products for lower prices on.