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You may also export this information to Excel or another spreadsheet program.Shekel. weight, the common standard both of weight and value among the Hebrews.

SGD ILS - Currency Exchange From Singapore Dollar To Israeli New Shekel With SGD ILS Rate, SGD ILS Converter, SGD ILS Chart And SGD ILS History along with converting.It is estimated at 220 English grains, or a little more than half an ounce avoirdupois.The Israeli New Shekel (ILS) is the currency of the State of Israel and is issued by the Bank of Israel.Convert ILS to USD exchange rates data by Finance Ai provides latest insights to help maximising return for trading 1 Israeli Shekel to US Dollar in the volatile.

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Shekel definition, Also, sheqel. a paper money, cupronickel or silver coin, and monetary unit of Israel equal to 100 agorot: replaced the pound in 1980. See more.Find the current Euro Israeli Shekel rate and access to our EUR ILS converter, charts, historical data, news, and more.USD ILS - Currency Exchange From US Dollar To Israeli New Shekel With USD ILS Rate, USD ILS Converter, USD ILS Chart And USD ILS History along with converting USD.

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Convert from Israeli Shekel (ILS) to U.S. Dollar (USD) and vice versa.

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CAD ILS - Currency Exchange From Canadian Dollar To Israeli New Shekel With CAD ILS Rate, CAD ILS Converter, CAD ILS Chart And CAD ILS History along with converting CAD.

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Input your email address below, we will send you a daily up-to-date information on the US Dollar.In value it was about equal to 2 British pounds and 1 shilling,.